Spiritual Practice & Leadership

The work of the Transforming Hearts Collective is ministry, and all of us are spiritual leaders in different ways—via preaching, song leading, body-based practice, worship design, and more. Read on for a selection of the types of spiritual practice and leadership we offer.

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Preaching & Speaking

All four collective co-leaders are experienced preachers and speakers in a diversity of faith and secular settings—from worship services to vigils to keynote presentations. One of us is an ordained minister and several of us consider ourselves lay ministers and/or itinerant preachers. We regularly preach on topics related to our collective's focus areas or specific to a particular context at hand. 

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Music & Song Leading

Music is a spiritual practice that can deeply connect us to our hearts! Several collective co-leaders are singers, songwriters, and/or music leaders who bring their gifts forward in worship, workshops, and more. 

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Embodied spiritual practice

Transforming hearts—our own and others'—requires skills such as mindfulness and compassion, which must be learned and practiced. Embodied spiritual practice is a key component of this work. Several collective co-leaders are experienced in leading heart-centered meditation, breathwork, movement practices, embodied prayer, and other spiritual practices, all designed to ground participants in their hearts and help build resilience for the work of transformational change.